Bespoke Fly Rods and Knives

Objects have a story to tell, just like humans. If you look closely at Tom Regula bespoke fly rods and knives, you will notice that their uniqueness doesn’t stop at the remarkable attention to detail, finest craftsmanship and one of a kind design. The wooden detail in his rods not only increase the sensitivity of his rods but also, they make each bespoke rod an item of highly personal and sentimental value. Be it part of a stock from an old shotgun, a dog tag of a dear, four-legged friend a 5000-year-old piece of bog wood from one’s ancestor’s country of origin, a piece taken off an old table from the workshop of a client’s father, a guitar string, a memorable ring or a piece of wood from the place that brings back special moments, Tom Regula can add to your bespoke rod a true piece of your life.

The things we surround ourselves with are more than objects. They are vessels for breathing, living memories that joined together become our past and can often reflect who we are today. Tom Regula reshapes the meaningful objects from your life to enable you to carry your fond memories whenever you enjoy the outdoors.

Split cane fly rods, bespoke handles and knives
Dorset, United Kingdom
Tom Regula
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Our Story

I aim to get to know my clients individually to help create the perfect rod.

Tom RegulaBespoke Fly Rods and Knives

Fly fishing has fascinated Tom Regula since his early childhood. Aged eight, with the help of his Father he whipped the new rings on his first fly rod. At that time, he didn’t know that this small repair would turn into his lifetime passion. With time passing, the number of rods rising and the hours spent in a workshop and during tests in a variety of fisheries increasing, Tom’s rod-making knowledge and experience grew.

Tom Regula aims to get to know his clients individually as it helps him create the perfect rod. For this reason, whenever possible Tom strives to meet clients personally. Travelling long distances can be arranged to have an informal meeting, take any necessary measurements or even go fishing together. As an experienced fishing guide and bespoke craftsman not only can Tom give unforgettable fishing experiences but by seeing an angler in action he is able to create a fly rod that is better tailored to the particular needs of the person.