edenMADE creates fully handmade and bespoke fly fishing tackle. Focusing on trout scoop nets, made and finished to an exceptionally high quality.

Designed for and used by fly anglers across the country, with Wild Trout and Grayling in mind. Each net is made from a combination of woods, chosen for their durability and beauty. Milled, bent, shaped and fully finished in my workshop in the Eden Valley, Cumbria.

 The design has a slightly longer handle, to give you that extra reach, with an Ash and Elm hoop and fish friendly rubber mesh, it is ideal for catch and release angling. The “Wild Trout” is the perfect net for fish up to and around 3lb. The next size up “the PB” is designed with bigger, wild fish in mind or Rainbow Trout. Custom specifications, larger hoops, longer handles etc. are welcome on request.

Bespoke wooden nets
The Eden Valley, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Our Story

“I made my first trout net in 2020 and subsequently lost it down the river

Rogereden MADE

I have been involved in woodworking, in one form or another, from an early age. I made my first trout net in 2020 and subsequently lost it down the river (don’t buy cheap magnets!). This made me rethink the design and with some advice from an old fishing friend, I made a few tweaks resulting in the current net.

I developed my fishing on Northern freestone rivers, the Eden, the Tees and the Lyvennet to name a few. The variety and quality of the fish never fails to thrill me. My other great loves are fell walking, wild swimming and wild camping. There are few things I enjoy more than doing all three and then to combine it with fly fishing for upland bownies, for me is about as good as it gets.

To be able to combine my two passions of woodworking and fly fishing has been a revelation to me. I love to keep innovating and creating objects that are durable, practical and beautiful. I like to think my nets will get many years of use, all over the world, landing fish and creating special memories.